streda 28. novembra 2007

Smallville - Lois Lane

On the 2000s WB series Smallville, Erica Durance plays a young Lois Lane who came to Smallville to investigate the apparent death of her cousin, Chloe Sullivan.Durance plays a twenty year old Lois, despite the fact that she is five years older than Kate Bosworth, who plays an adult version of the character in the concurrently released Superman Returns. After teaming up with Clark Kent to find her cousin Chloe Sullivan, she returned for several guest star appearances in Season 4 before signing to return as a thirteen episode regular in Season 5. During this season, she had romantic feelings towards Arthur Curry.This version of Lois was originally not interested in journalism at all, instead working in politics. In the sixth season Lois began to develop an interest in journalism, working at the tabloid paper, the Inquisitor.She began to investigate and write articles about the Green Arrow. Lois even enlisted Clark's and Jimmy's help in proving that Oliver Queen is actually the Green Arrow. In the same episode Lois kisses a masked Clark who is posing as the Green Arrow. Soon after the kiss, Lois realizes that the Green Arrow is not (like she thought) Oliver Queen. She slaps Green Arrow a.k.a. Clark after the kiss. She had been dating Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. Soon after Lois is under a love spell which makes her fall in love with Clark. Conveniently her love potion is made of Red Kryptonite which makes Clark lose all inhibitions and he reveles his powers to her by taking her on a romantic flightlike super jump from the top of the Daily Planet building. She also continued to work as the chief of staff for Martha Kent's senate seat. Lois has recently been hired at the Daily Planet as a reporter.

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